TS Seduction

TS Seduction is one of those rare sites you find online that is both very interesting and has content you can’t get anywhere else.  The sites claims “Where straight men experience TS cock for the first time” and while I may not fully believe that the concept is true and the content believable. 

One thing I really appreciate is the fact that all the TS girls are very hot, there is good variety too.  The ones I have seen so far all speak english and could be American which is unique.  There are some white ts girls, hot black ts chicks that are very passable, big boob shemales, and more.  Not only are these trannies hot but they have great personalities that you can see usually at the end of the vids where they are sitting and joking with the dude they just violated.  Very fun to watch, of course throughout the vids they are talking and abusing the male actors too so if you are an auditory pervert like me this site is great to hear it all!

Beyond the fact that the site has exceptionally hot TS girls is the fact that the concept is one that most shemale fans should enjoy.  Guys getting violated by dominating shemales with big hard cocks and perfect perky boobs.  Sometimes the greatest pleasure is when you give up all control and let the shemale abuse you 😉  This site fully realizes this and you get everything from whips and bondage to simple hardcore fucking with the shemale totally in control.  So if you are into shemales dominating men then this is for sure the site you should visit!

Personally I joined this site because of the hot black shemales that it features and the fact that I love the shemale domination aspect and believe me this site fulfilled all my fantasies!


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