TS Jesse

Hair: Long Blond
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 135lbs
Body Type: slender/athletic
Chest: 40D
Ethnicity: white
Penis size: 8-9″+
Smoker: no
Drugs: no
Drinker: no
No Hormones

General Info
Music: All types of music but mainly i love pop/dance music like britney spears and madonna
Movies: all types but mainly love horror and slapstick comedies/parodies.
Television: the simpsons and i love lucy are my all-time favs
Books: autobiographies.
Activities: love to go to the movies, love to go out in nature-beach,nature trails,mountains
Likes: animals,sweet good hearted people,laughter,when it rains
Dislikes: animal cruelty,rude people,hot days(i prefer cold days so you can cuddle with someone)

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