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Newhalf flashing outside

Japanese newhalf Katie is a bit of a geek, see her at an anime convention in japan wearing a sexy schoolgirl uniform with a white blouse, short plaid skit and white knee-high stockings.  She even flashes her panty covered shemale cock as she waits in line for the convention, she loves being an exhibitionist whether stripping live on cam or showing off her hormone boobs and ladyboy cock in public this newhalf is fun!


Katie Ayanami aka Darktrap

Katie Ayanami aka Darktrap is a newhalf or japanese ladyboy, born a physical male but her mind believes she is female so Katie has spent her young life trying to make her outward appearance match her inner feelings.  She is a very feminine looking young shemale with small hormone boobs and a decent sized functional cock especially for an asian ladyboy.  Completely passable as a real girl she even sometimes goes into female chat rooms and trick guys into asking her to strip before they see her cock they don’t know the difference!!

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