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Ok, some of you guys might be a bit tired of my posting dickgirls instead of real shemales but wtf get a life this stuff is cool!  Plus with this one the site is new to me and I’m excited to have found it!!  The content is super cool, much of the dickgirls have that ‘young shemale’ look to them except for their big dicks and fully developed boobs.  But the innocent hentai style faces on these dickgirls just gets me all horny and excited so I’m figuring it’ll do the same for you guys…

023.jpg 031.jpg 051.jpg

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Dickgirls shitting

So here are some crazy pics I found of some toon dickgirls shitting!  I know most people aren’t into poop but I thought the artistic value and uniqueness of these pics would justify posting them here for you to analyze…

022.jpg 05.jpg 151.jpg

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Coolest shemale sites!

Here is a site that lists some of the coolest shemale sites online today.  Everything from asian ladyboys to toon dickgirls to a mega shemale site to cross dressers these are some of the best shemale sites that you should check out today!  Coolest shemale sites

Blonde shemale sucked and fucked

This blonde shemale gets her hard cock sucked in the woods by a straight dude before he gets horny and decides he wants to stick his own hard dick in a hole so she bends over and grabs a tree and he fucks her in the ass!  Check out these free vids I found for you:

shemale gets sucked

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Big dick hentai shemales

Like big dicks?  How about HUGE DICKS?  Then these hentai shemales might be what you are looking for!  These fantasy dickgirls have cocks that dwarf their petite female bodies and would rip your ass into pieces if you ever got fucked by them but still the fantasy is a fun one to have 😉

13.jpg 121.jpg 03.jpg

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Shemale sucked and fucks

Wow check out these vids of a hot passable brunette shemale getting sucked and then fucking a guys ass!  Pretty hardcore and pretty hot if you ask me, this shemale looks like a total girl except for that big dick she’s swinging between her legs…  lucky that guy didn’t get his eye poked out with that big thing 😉  I’m pretty impressed he took her whole cock up his ass too (must not have been his first time with a hung shemale I guess!).

shemale gets sucked by guy shemale fucks guy

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Big boobs Big Dicks toons

Here are some hot new big boob big dick hentai shemales that I found.  If you like toons at all this stuff will probably get your cock hard.  Even if you’ve never checked out hentai before these hot shemales might get your interest if you give them a chance!

012.jpg 021.jpg 061.jpg

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Baby got Balls

Baby Got Balls is a brand new shemale site that feature some really hot shemales mostly fucking girls, guys, or other shemales!  I love the tour it looks fucking cool as hell and all the sample pics I have seen are of HOT shemales!

042.jpg 06.jpg 10.jpg

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Redhead shemale dominates

This big redhead shemale scares the crap out of me!  She is dominating this poor white guys ass like there is no tomorrow and I’m afraid he may have to wear diapers after all this abouse!!  Her big cock gets its way with this straight guy as she forces him bound up toying with his cock as she dominates him in ways I can’t begin to find erotic… of course she fucks him hard after strapping him to tables and forcing him inside a dog house, after all that humiliation this guy seems to have enjoyed himself!!

011.jpg 041.jpg 12.jpg 15.jpg

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3D dickgirl jerks hard cock for cum

Fucking amazing, this is one of the most high quality 3d dickgirls I have ever seen!  Except for her huge cock she could pass for a real girl that was super hot, I mean look at her beautiful female face and perfectly perky boobs!  Then of course you notice her huge dick and realize that she isn’t a girl and hell isn’t even real since she is a 3d toon person but still so realistic I would love to be with her and fondle those big boobs and help her jerk that big dick until it shot that cum load all over…

02.jpg 04.jpg 14.jpg

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