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Andreia is a young shemale with perky boobs, long hard cock, and sexy braces on her teeth that just light up my imagionation.  I love this shemale, she’s so fucking hot and with a functional dick the perfect dickgirl to become my future wife… only in my dreams of course!  She’s the type of shemale you could  have brought home to your parents in college and totally passed her off as your female girlfriend until you got her into bed and fucked the shit out of her tight butt.

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So I’m partial to redheads and this tranny is totally passable as a hot redhead girl until you see her big hard throbbing cock and then you know!  Of course it doesn’t help she likes to dominate and is pretty rough with this guys cock, I wonder if she likes to recieve the same treatment sometimes… dunno, but for sure she is into working her hard dick into a tight straight mans virgin asshole!

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Well this shemale looks like a bit older milf maybe except she packs a nice cock that is fully functional which she proves after she slips off her long evening dress to expose her big boobs and cock.  She warms herself up with a little cock jerking and anal fingering and once fully hard she gets down to business and jerks her dick until it unloads a huge cum load all over her stomach!

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Here are some hot realistic looking toon dickgirls (futanari).  I love this stuff because it combines the best of a hot female (including a pussy) with the hard throbbing cock that can be fun to play with too!

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Pretty hot huh?  I picked her because she was more unique (at least to my eye) and shows the breadth of content at Asian Shemales Gold.  Of course lets be honest most guys anymore want VIDS:

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As you can see from these small sample vids these are all HOT asian ladyboys nude and ready to please you!

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I love this hot tranny!  I’m partial to redheads anyways and this tranny has sexy long red hair and a nice tight looking body. Plus she likes to dominate so you have to respect that!  Watch as she forces this straight white guy to suck her dick and then take her hard cock up his ass.  It looks like at the end though she may have converted him over to the tranny side, looks like he enjoyed getting his ass pounded by a hot tranny cock 😉

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These two trannies are hot as fuck and look totally passable in their sexy bikini outfits until they strip nude exposing their throbbing cocks and totally dirty passion for sucking and fucking with straight men!  This lucky guy gets his cock sucked by these two hot trannies before he fucks them both in the ass and then finally blows his load in their mouths and watches as they swap the cum back and forth between thier sexy lips.

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So here is more from a previous set I had found with this super hot young blonde shemale and a horny dude.  This time she sucks him off until he blows his big cum load all over her face.  I love this chicks facial expressions though, she would be great in the sack since she is always smiling and laughing and just having a good time milking that dick for all her slut mouth can to get that big cumshot.  Hell she even seems to enjoy all the cum dripping down her face which really gets me hot!

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Personally I am not that much into being dominated, I much prefer to be the one doing the dominating but that’s just me and I know a lot of you guys enjoy a little domination from your TS girlfriends so here ya go.  (actually this blonde TS chick is so hot I’d probably let her do anything she wanted to me!)

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Check out this nasty shemale taking a bubble bath!  I’m sure some of you guys will fall in love with her but her bad tit job and slutty eyes aren’t much of a turn on for me.  However she does seem to have a pretty impressive cock so that could make up for her other shortfalls…. and she does look slutty enough to use as a fuck toy for awhile!

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