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This is one of the most beautiful trannies I have seen in awhile!  She has a stunning face and peircing blue eyes that seem to beg me to fuck her ass as hard as I can, maybe she begs for something different from you?  I think this set was of her changing into various outfits but really who cares, she looks hot as hell and ends up nude shows her perky breasts and big dick so a very good picture set I think 😉

015.jpg 096.jpg  175.jpg 197.jpg

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Teen shemale in bikini

I’m actually not positive this is a ‘teen’ shemale but she looks young to me and very cute in her blue bikini so that’s what I’m gonna call her!  Only in a porn site will you find a hot shemale wearing a bikini in a bathtub, I guess they couldn’t get a pool in time?  Oh well at least she is hot and gets nude which is always a good thing when I’m trying to jerk off!  So I guess if you think this slutty shemale is hot and want to see her getting fucking in a shemale orgy you should check out the site, otherwise just get off to these free pics…

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Everyone loves younger women and for me the same is true for shemales, the younger looking the better usually!  So this site I just found is perfect, all the shemales are tight and young but still experienced enough to be dirty fucking sluts!  I mean check out these screencaps I got of a blonde teen shemale sucking dick, giving a rimjob, and then getting fucked hard up her tight ass, that should make you blow your load eh?

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New Site! Transexual BDSM

New site alert!  Transexual BDSM has just been released and looks like a winner.  This site combines my love of shemales with BDSM action which also gets my blood pumping.  I found some free vids and pic galleries from transexual bdsm to give you an idea of the kinky fetish games that they play with these trannies:

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Check out these free sample vids of this hot TS shemale fucking a guys ass as he cries for mercy. 

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This is from one of my favorite Shemale sites online, all very unique content and the shemales are super hot including american white shemales and tight black TS girls that are all very passable.

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Everyone loves a blonde chick and this blonde tranny is passable until you see her hard cock!  This tranny goes to the extreme by taking on two horny dudes at once, watch as she sucks both cocks into her waiting mouth and then takes one deep in her tight ass as the other pounds her sweet face!

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Futanari dickgirls

So I didn’t even realize but these cartoon (hentai) type pics I’ve been posting of shemales actually have thier own name!  Futanari is the term used to describe this type of shemale toon porn and there are even subniches like some don’t have balls and most have pussies as well as the cocks… it’s pretty interesting stuff to learn about and damn I’ve been seeing some  hot pics to jerk off to lately!  Anyways to further illustrate:

141.jpg  112.jpg  093.jpg

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This hot blonde shemale really got me excited when I found her, totally passable as a girl if you ask me with her long blonde hair, perfect face, and perky boobs.  Only thing is she also has a big dick which makes her AWESOME!

I mean damn just look at that face, I’d have blown my load all over her as soon as she touched me.  This shemale really looks like a hot blonde babe and I really wish that was my cock she was licking!

063.jpg  092.jpg

It is nice to have a shemale that can give as well as recieve 😉  I’d let her slide that magnificent cock up my poopshoot any day except if it was me I’d be sure that I was turned around and staring at that perfect face instead of doing it doggystyle but what the hell that gives us a good view!  The look on her face as he slams that hard black cock in her tight shemale asshole really is exciting…

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To finish off this great set here is the cumshot!  I love this closeup showing her sexy blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and that load of sticky white cum on her chin!


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Ladyboy Lee sits on huge dildo

Damn, I always thought Lee was one of the cutest little asian ladyboys I had ever seen but this set really makes me respect her for being able to sit on that HUGE dildo!  I love how she starts out teasing you in a sexy halter top and then exposes her perky little asian shemale boobs for you.  Her seductive eyes always get me horny as they seem to say “I’m a little sex hungry ladyboy whore come ravage my ass.”  Maybe they say the same to you I dunno?

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When she starts playing with that HUGE dildo I got pretty damn excited, something about such a big object penetrating such a small ladyboy made gave me a raging hardon…  You have to appreciate the tease this ladyboy is as she licked and sucked the giant fake cock to get you all excited before the actual penetration!

111.jpg   10.jpgThe expression on Lee’s face of both pain and pleasure and she sits on that HUGE fake cock almost made me explode in my pants!  You know she has a tight little ladyboy ass-pussy that probably is used to getting fucked but this giant dildo is obviously more than the average ladyboy fucking man is packing.  I love watching as she held her small ladyboy cock out of the way and slid the big horse sized cock up her poopshoot for the first time, too bad I wasn’t there to help her with it!

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So this is another new and in my opinion very hot set from Tranny Fluid.  I love how this hot tranny takes it up the ass and then turns right around and shoves her own hard cock deep in the dudes butt!  Pictures quality at this site is amazing and even better they have super quality videos which is pretty much all I jerk off to anymore. 

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Personally I’m more into the fucking than getting fucked but this dude seems to enjoy sucking the hard tranny dick and then taking that cock deep up his rectum… I guess if the tranny enjoys it up the ass why can’t you?!

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